Bible of American History

As part of the upcoming 250th anniversary of the United States of America, United We Pledge wants to share a Bible of American History



The  Bible of American History will encompass over 250 American historical and covenant moments. These moments will be an eclectic collection of historical events defining and depicting the American Covenant as captured in our national motto: “In God We Trust.” 

E Pluribus Unum – “Out of Many, One” remains, perhaps, the greatest covenant statement of the United States. Our nation’s history and future presents the grandest mosaic of colors, religions, ethnicities, and economic opportunities the world has ever known. United We Pledge is gathering essays from all corners of our nation and from writers of all backgrounds.

Bible of American Stories will reflect these principles and focus on events that convey the “American Covenant,” the belief that America has promised to trust in God, and God has promised to bless America.  These essays will proudly be featured in the Bible of American History.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting our endeavor! Our aim is to revive the promise of America by telling the true story of this land that we love. The true story of America’s origin is under attack by those seeking to remove God from public discourse. The Bible of American History is an important step toward healing this land. 

We are looking for stories from Americans who understand, like George Washington, that the “smiles of heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which heaven itself has ordained.”* Many Americans understand the covenant nature of this land and that we are under the heavenly mandate to heed God’s word or risk losing our God-given rights.

The Bible of American History will highlight stories of Americans who demonstrated their love of God and faith in His power and recognized His hand in their lives. These Americans do not need to be famous, although they certainly can be, in order to have their memory, patriotism, and faith inscribed and preserved in this volume. While we are open to considering many stories from many sources, there needs to be a vein of continuity that ties the book together. To ensure this goal, we have devised some guidelines to assist in creating your account.

Your story should:

  • Not exceed 800 words and can be as few as 350 words.

  • Include as many direct quotes as possible; we want this to be accurate to the original intent.

  • Only submit stories about persons who are deceased.

  • Be written in a narrative format that follows established plot structure guidelines.

  • Be as immersive and creative as possible; the reader should feel like they are watching a short film with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

  • Include clear references to God/faith, as this book aims to create awareness, excitement, and understanding of America’s true history: a history replete with stories of God’s hand in the building and sustaining of America. Again, seek to provide quotes from the featured individual relating to God/faith, highlighting the person’s service, strength, sacrifice, and commitment to God. 

  • Have every quote and paraphrase cited in Chicago Manual of Style format.

  • Be submitted in Word format (.doc or docx) and follow the naming convention outlined here: Author’s last name, Author’s first name, Organization Name if applicable, Story title, Date of submission, and the draft title (e.g., Smith.Tom.UnitedWePledge.LunarLanding.2022.07.20) 

With your help, the Bible of American History will create a revival in this nation to restore the American Covenant.  It’s our mission to inspire all Americans to:

  • Recognize that our freedom and rights come from God, not governments;

  • Make quality family time a high priority;

  • Become informed and knowledgeable citizens; and

  • Elect wise, God-fearing, pro-family individuals to public office and get involved in our communities.  

Once your submission is made, it will pass through the Bible of American History Council to see if the story fits the work’s overall message. Once the council approves it, the story will go through the first phase of the editing process, where style, major grammatical errors, potential voice issues, and source verification will be addressed. Next, the draft will be passed back to the author for any final thoughts following the first editing phase. Once approved by the author, the draft will be submitted to the final editor, refining the grammar and preparing it to be illustrated by the artists at Dowdle Studios. 

Once the illuminated manuscript of the story is completed, the original submitter will receive a copy of the artwork and credit as a contributor to the book. All rights of reproduction, distribution, and royalties are revoked by the author and are solely owned by Land That I Love, LLC. By submitting your draft document, you agree to the following:

  1. Land That I Love, LLC, and United We Pledge have the right to edit and refine the story to ensure it meets the design criteria for the final version of the Bible of American History. All reasonable efforts will be made to work in harmony with the original submitter so the integrity of the story, sources, and content are properly preserved.

All proceeds, royalties, and income generated from the Bible of American History belong exclusively to Land That I Love, LLC. The initial submitter revokes all rights to distribution and ownership of the content and is therefore not liable for any marketing, distribution, publishing, or other costs associated with the Bible of American History project.  



The following process will occur upon essay submission

1. The essayist will receive a text message indicating that the essay was successfully received.

2. The essay will be read, reviewed, and considered for inclusion in the Bible of American History.

3. Essays may be included in a digital version of “Bible of American History” and will be showcased on, and the author will be notified.

United We Pledge desires the stories and the authors to be representative of the American story. It is hoped that different regional and national organizations will publish this invitation to their members and followers. With this goal in mind, please consider forwarding this letter to all in your organization. Additionally, please consider submitting a story yourself. As a leader, your contribution will be warmly received.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dennis Leavitt, President
United We Pledge