As part of the upcoming 250th anniversary of the United States of America, United We Pledge wants to share a Collection of Great American Stories.



The  Collection of Great American Stories will encompass over 250 American historical and covenant moments. These moments will be an eclectic collection of historical events defining and depicting the American Covenant as captured in our national motto: “In God We Trust.” 

E Pluribus Unum – “Out of Many, One” remains, perhaps, the greatest covenant statement of the United States. Our nation’s history and future presents the grandest mosaic of colors, religions, ethnicities, and economic opportunities the world has ever known. United We Pledge is gathering essays from all corners of our nation and from writers of all backgrounds.

Collection of Great American Stories will reflect these principles and focus on events that convey the “American Covenant,” the belief that America has promised to trust in God, and God has promised to bless America.  These essays will proudly be shared in newsletters.


United We Pledge extends an invitation to all citizens and members of patriotic, historical, and/or freedom focused organizations to submit one or more stories. These stories should highlight and capture some of the key components and undergirding principles of great American heroes, crucial historical events, and faith filled stories that have transpired and are part of our nation’s foundational fabric.

To be considered for publication, please follow the writing  and submission guidelines listed here:



The following process will occur upon essay submission

1. The essayist will receive a text message indicating that the essay was successfully received.

2. The essay will be read, reviewed, and considered for inclusion in the Great American Stories.

3. Essays may be included in a digital version of “Great American Stories” and will be showcased on UnitedWePledge.org, and the author will be notified.

United We Pledge desires the stories and the authors to be representative of the American story. It is hoped that different regional and national organizations will publish this invitation to their members and followers. With this goal in mind, please consider forwarding this letter to all in your organization. Additionally, please consider submitting a story yourself. As a leader, your contribution will be warmly received.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dennis Leavitt, President
United We Pledge