Display 1

Letter from Orville Wright, one of the two Wright Brothers of Ohio who pioneered early powered flight. Orville was the first man to fly the Kittyhawk, which flew for the first time in Dec. 1903.

Photograph signed by Charles Lindbergh to John Coolidge, son of President Calvin Coolidge. The first man to fly solo across the Atlantic from New York to Paris in May of 1927. The photo was inscribed when he was a guest at the White House and received the first ever Distinguished Flying Cross. Lindbergh came to Salt Lake City in October of 1927 flying the Spirit of St. Louis.

A card signed by the Apollo 11 Astronauts (Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins) and an invitation to the White House Dinner (in California) honoring the Astronauts on their return from the Moon.

Photograph signed by Alan Shepard while he received a medal from President John F. Kennedy. In addition, is a letter from President John F. Kennedy to the Secretary of the Army thanking him for his new photographer and for taking the photo of him and Shepard.

A political youth press kit from the Republican National Convention in 1972, where 50 years ago Ron Fox collected the autographs of President Richard Nixon and three future Presidents, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.  Also, 20 other famous Americans in politics, TV, and space. Below: A photo of Ron Fox getting his copy of Young Voters signed by President Nixon. 

A letter from Wilford Woodruff, George Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith

Display 2: The Founders Table

Made by the king, which was meant in the Americas to be the replacement of the Geneva bible.   American colonies also never were granted a license to print a bible in America.  Thus the KJV became the standard.

This is a bible that was brought over on the Mayflower in 1620

Paid A Dear Price

A silver shekel from the first century CE.

One of two Lunar bibles.  The entire bible on micro dot.  Two were taken to the moon by Apollo 14.   This one returned.  The other was left on the MOON ALTER BUILT BY THE US ASTRONAUTS to honor GOD.

First draft of the Declaration of Independence in Jefferson’s own hand.   notes on changes made and signed by Ben Franklin and John Adams.   Engraving done by Thomas Jefferson’s son.   The last half of the  3rd page includes what the king has done to violate God’s most sacred rights of man by taking and selling MEN on the open market.  It includes a list of ways the king stopped our founders from ending slavery.  Only two colonies voted against this paragraph, as the declaration needed to be unanimous in consent.   South Carolina and Georgia.   The other 11 colonies listed slavery as one of the most important reasons to break away from England.   New England, if it had been considered a country, would have been the first IN THE WORLD TO END SLAVERY. As they passed laws making it illegal 50 years prior to England.

 It was a branding iron like this that was used as the second round of treatment of George Washington, who died from streptococcus.  The doctors first removed a third of his blood, through blood letting, then branded him from the top of each shoulder down toward the hands.   It was an attempt to get the ‘bad blood’ away from his throat.  When this failed, the younger doctor found behind the president in the original artist sketch of the death scene, told the older physician (looking at his watch) that he wanted to try a new procedure – called a tracheotomy – to which the older doctor replied, “I am not cutting the Presidents throat,  we are not barbarians … now hand me the mercury”.   Washington  died of mercury poisoning, branding and blood letting.

The only compass George Washington ever owned.  By trade he was a surveyor and was surveying Virginia by the time he was 13 years old.   He had this with him almost at all times.   the Current owner, Glenn Beck, believes that there is a thumb rub mark toward the top of the compass from years of use.   The slight indentation can be seen.

George Washington died from acute bacterial epiglottitis. This was a painting depicting his death.

Display 3: Abraham Lincoln Case

Made while Mrs. Lincoln was at the bedside of her dying husband to be worn upon his death.   It was made in great haste, and whipped stitched at the bottom.  It was made by a former slave, who worked for the Lincoln’s in the White House and in the end became their closest and most trustworthy friend.

This blood stained cuff was removed from his shirt, the night he lay dying in a strangers bed, across the street from Fords theater.

This key was for box number 7 in the theater where President Lincoln was assassinated.

Cut by a ghoulish souvenir hunter from the top back collar of Lincoln’s coat, thus insuring it has the most amount of blood.  The rest of the coat remains on display at fords theater.

 The Bible where Lincoln found hope while reading JOB.

Shackles used on slaves in the south.   They have rocks placed in the folds on each side to alert the ‘owners’ of a runner.

4 copies were hand written by Abraham Lincoln for Auction to help wounded vets.  The original was given to a member of the New York press.  The reporter quoted a few lines from the speech and through the original copy in the trash.

A copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln. 

Display 4: Chief Iron Tail

Indian scout uniform. From the Indian wars. A medicine bag is attached to his coat. This is sacred to native Americans. It is something that none of us even touch as we are afraid it is so fragile. It is the wearers ‘essence’ that would have been gathered prior to his journey as a scout.

The gun, belt and knife were also carried by him.

The medal around his neck is a presidential Freedom medal that was given out by presidents to chiefs and great warriors. The tradition was begun by George Washington. Glenn’s collection includes one of these earliest medals that was forged in the fields. This particular medal was given to Iron Tail. A great chief and friend of America. He is perhaps the most famous Indian to live – as it is his face that is seen on the Buffalo Nickle and the Gold $5 dollar coin – which is still being minted today.

Display 5: World War II

An extract from the editorial in “Today” during the Great Depression that expresses the need for economic recovery. March 23, 1935

Warning the people of 10 cities in Japan, including Nagasaki and Hiroshima, of the possible use in one of these cities, of a new and terrible weapon.   Not only do these pamphlets warn the people to get out of those cities but also to take food and water with them.   It makes clear to them that we are targeting the war machine and factories and not the people.   The US dropped 70 MILLION of these warning of the Atomic bomb in the days leading up to both bombings.

The largest existing piece of the Hindenburg (Metal piece). It took 47 seconds from first spark to total destruction.

A stack of coins from a bank in Hiroshima fused together by the atomic bomb.

Letter to Harry S. Truman from David J. Oestreicher

  1. This is called an Enigma Machine. It is a code-creating device used during WW2 by the Germans and is one of the few left in existence. 

Think of the Imitation Game Movie

A Glenn Beck original painting of the Hindenburg.

A Glenn Beck original painting, the idea came to him while he was praying about how to paint Jesus and he came up with the idea that Jesus is felt the strongest by people in their hardest times. He then thought of how Jesus was a Jew and would have been sent to a concentration camp. Then he came up with the idea of painting Jesus being in an internment camp.

A booklet containing documents of Nazi Germany and patches from the outfits the prisoners were forced to wear in the camp to categorize them.

Display 6: Modern Icons

The costume from the original Superman movie (1978) was worn by Christopher Reeve.

Darth Vader’s helmet and shoulder pads from the first Star Wars movie, Star Wars: A New Hope Episode III. 

Captain America’s Shield was used during the first Captain America Film, Captain America: The First Avenger.

John Wayne’s Hat which he gave to a friend to settle a poker debt he owed to him.

An award that was presented to Rush Limbaugh for Excellence in Broadcasting. Glenn Beck received this to Glenn Beck Personally and he couldn’t display it for over a year.

The “Lost Disneyland prospectus”.    This is Walts Original Plan for not just Disney land but of something entirely new, what is now known as a theme park.   The map inside is hand made and painted by Walt Disney himself.   Each ‘land’ is detailed with purpose and lessons outlined.   There are parts of the park that never made the finished park or lasted a very short while.  One being circus land and another called holiday land.    The historical explanations on why these lands were never included or closed quickly after it’s opening in 1955 are clear and well documented.    What is not clear is why Walt Dropped the white CHURCH which was, according to the map, at the center of Main Street USA.   Glenn has been allowed to visit the Disney vault, search Walts diary for those 12 months between prospectus and ribbon cutting, even looking at his daily Calendar to see who may have visited him that may have influenced his thinking on this.  To date Glenn has not found a single thread.   After speaking with one of his daughters, he was forced to live with what she told him:  “I just think that dad didn’t want to be controversial’.   To this day, Glenn has a hard time with that answer as a church in 1955 was not controversial and Walt never shied away from God or faith.
As the name implies, this prospectus was thought to be lost as it was left at the bank that gave him the final financing rejection.   He was asking for $17 million to build the park.   The banker thought it was a losing proposition, but brought it Home to show his kids.   It was left on a top shelf for over 50 years and was found after his death.   It was sold at auction for the first time in 2012.   Glenn bid on the prospectus while on stage giving his speech at Dallas cowboys stadium for Restoring Love.   The audience never knew that while he was speaking to them, he though hand signals was receiving information and bidding via phone to the auction house.    While the map can be found on line, most of the prospectus has never been seen publicly.   It was put on line by a former Blaze Staffer against Glenn’s wishes after he presented a copy to each of member of his original blaze staff.  They all promised they would never publish.  One did.    It has never been opened to cameras since.

Display 7: Rulon Gardner Display Case

An Olympic gold medal obtained by Rulon Gardner in wrestling.

Display 8

John Adams signed the Commission as President. Dated October 1, 1799, appointing David Deacon, a midshipman in the United States Navy. Adams, our 2nd President, was a leader in the fight for independence and a delegate from Massachusetts. Our Nation’s first Vice President. This man Deacon would one day command the U.S. Warship Constitution. John Adams died on July 4, 1826, the same day as Thomas Jefferson, on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Millard Fillmore, a letter signed as our 13th President, dated October 2, 1850. He is the man who signed the Utah Territory Act and appointed Brigham Young as the Territory’s first Governor. The County of Millard and City of Fillmore is named after this President.

George Washington, our 1st President. A bill was signed in print on May 22, 1794. Prohibiting the sale of cannons and arms to any other Nation.  This is one of the bills which was printed by letterpress, and this copy would have been sent to various states.

James Madison, signed as our 4th President, a Land Grant, dated February 20, 1814, to William Fegley, for lands in Pennsylvania. Madison of Virginia is considered the father of the United States Constitution and was President during the War of 1812 with the British.

James Monroe our nation’s 5th President, a presidential appointed by Addin Lewis, as a collector of customs in the state of Alabama, on March 9, 1821. Monroe was the architect of the Monroe Doctrine which spelled out our foreign policy on other nations expanding in the Western hemisphere. James Monroe also died on July 4th in 1831.

Display 9

A picture frame that includes a lock of George Washington’s Hair and fragments of his coffin.

Original 1793 Indian Peace Medal

Display 10

The Deseret News August 1850, was the first Newspaper in Utah and an early imprint in the West.

Display 11: Music and Flags

Handwritten verses of “America”, or “My Country Tis of Thee” by the author Samuel Smith, is the first and last verses of the most famous songs.

a. Samuel Smith Bio 1: https://www.songhall.org/profile/Samuel_Francis_Smith

b. Samuel Smith Bio 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Francis_Smith

Handwritten 4th verse of The Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe. This inspirational verse which is the most religious is associated with the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. This Hymn is most related to the Tabernacle Choir as its number 1 requested song.

  1. Autographed music quote by John P. Sousa, of “Stars and Stripes Forever”, Sousa, known as the March King this is his most famous March which the Congress has named the National March. Former Leader of the Marine Corp Band, “The President’s Own” also he and his band performed many times in the Salt Lake Tabernacle.


a. John P. Sousa Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Philip_Sousa

b. Salt Lake City Tabernacle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_Lake_Tabernacle

Autographed photo of George M. Cohan with framed sheet music of “You’re a grand Old Flag”, “Over There“, and I’m a “Yankee Doodle Boy” Cohan is one of the most prolific songwriters and performers who was the first performer to receive a Congressional Gold Medal.

Signed by Irving Berlin “God, Bless America” signed sheet music by author Irving Berlin and an autograph from Kate Smith, a singer from Idaho who introduced this song on November 11, 1938. Many have considered this as another National Anthem.

Autographed photo of George M. Cohan with framed sheet music of “You’re a grand Old Flag”, “Over There“, and I’m a “Yankee Doodle Boy” Cohan is one of the most prolific songwriters and performers who was the first performer to receive a Congressional Gold Medal.

Original sheet music of “Yankee Doodle” and “Hail Columbia” from the 1820s. “Yankee Doodle” was the song most associated with the Revolutionary War. And “Hail Columbia” was the President’s March, until “Hail to the Chief” was adopted. Today, “Hail Columbia” is the Vice President March.

These limited edition replicas of historical American flags were commissioned by Ronald M. Mann, Deputy Director, Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, for the celebrations in 1987. They were entirely hand-made from silks and cotton that match fabrics used centuries ago. On loan to United We Pledge from the family of Ronald M. Mann.