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What does it mean to be a member of United We Pledge?

United We Pledge is a non-profit organization United We Pledge is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, nondenominational foundation established to celebrate our shared responsibility and allegiance to the traditional American values of freedom, family, faith, and faith our duty to be constitutional, law-abiding citizens.

We strive for a future where the youth celebrate the history of America and have them support the ideals of freedom, family, and faith. Being a monthly member of United We Pledge will help fund our goals and ambitions, such as the Liberty Village and our American Heritage Online Course.

What are the benefits of a United We Pledge Membership?

The membership tier will determine your benefits, but all members will receive a welcome pack that includes, a thank you note and United We Pledge memorabilia and informative packets, access to our monthly newsletter exclusive to members, and a United We Pledge sticker. The tier membership rewards are listed below.