United We Pledge Memberships

United We Pledge (UWP) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, nondenominational foundation established to celebrate our shared responsibility and allegiance to the traditional American values of freedom, family, and faith, and our duty to be constitutional, law-abiding citizens.

Every day, UWP fights to preserve the Constitution of the United States, educate and inspire youth, and support freedom, family, and faith.

That’s why you need to join UWP!

Benefits of UWP memberships!

As a UWP member, you’ll receive

“Our youth need the patriotic spirit that is necessary to protect our freedoms for generations to come. That’s why I joined UWP.”
Lisa Hunt, UT

How your membership dues are used

Your support will help us preserve freedom, family, and faith by funding UWP’s many community projects.

In addition, your membership dues will help UWP cultivate the next generation of patriotic Americans through our youth programs and projects. United We Pledge is dedicated to restoring patriotism in our nation’s youth through our national Freedom Summit educational programs and by building the American Village West in Hurricane, Utah.

The American Village West will be patterned after the American Village in Montebello, Alabama. This will be a place for hundreds of thousands of students and visitors to learn about and celebrate the historical moments that made the United States a land of opportunity and freedom.

The history of United We Pledge

Lex Howard, CEO of Balance of Nature, founded United We Pledge in 2021 as a Balance of Nature-sponsored foundation.

Lex was inspired by the impact the American Village in Montebello, Alabama, had on his young son. He decided to create an American Village in Hurricane to provide the same educational opportunity for youth and all visitors in the West and donated 40 acres of land to create this dream.

United We Pledge has a goal to build the American Village by July 4th, 2024, in time to celebrate the 250th birthday of the United States of America.

Become a member, and help us fund this great mission of preserving freedom, family, and faith!