United We Pledge is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, nondenominational foundation Established to celebrate our shared responsibility and allegiance to the traditional American values of freedom, family, and faith and our duty to be constitutional, law- abiding citizens. 

Celebrating America is important, but true patriotism goes much deeper.

True patriotism involves an ongoing commitment to founding values. Patriotic Americans unite to protect our founding values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. True patriotism involves celebrating the rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

United We Pledge is pleased to present the American Village in the West.

The Village, patterned after the current American Village in Montevallo, Alabama, will serve to educate the public about American history, government, and their responsibility to be involved citizens. The immersive nature of the American Village will especially benefit youth, instilling in them a reverence for the sacrifices of those who have gone before and igniting a fire of patriotism to carry with them into the future.

Plymouth Manuscript pg1 16x20 (1)

United We Pledge and Dowdle Studios are combining efforts to present the Bible of American History to our nation.

The Bible of American History will encompass over 250 American historical and covenant moments. These moments will be an eclectic collection of historical events defining and depicting the American Covenant as captured in our national motto: “In God We Trust.” These moments will be documented by essays transformed by Dowdle Studios artists into hand-scribed gothic text accompanied with intricate illustrations.

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“Big Betsy” Presented by Balance of Nature

On July 3, 2021, United We Pledge introduced itself to St. George, Utah in a big way as volunteers carried the largest United States flag ever flown during the city’s 4th of July parade. The flag, affectionately named Big Betsy, weighs 500 pounds and measures 150 feet  long by 75...

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A Patriotic Tribute to America

 July 3, 2021 In its inaugural event, “A Patriotic Tribute to America” held on July 3, 2021, United We Pledge proudly provided the opportunity for community members to celebrate Independence Day in a meaningful way. The hour-long event acted as a pre-show for the 99.9 KONY Country 4th of July...

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