United We Pledge was organized in 2021 as a nonpartisan, non-denominational, nonprofit organization with a commitment to support and sustain freedom, family, and faith in the United States.

Each of these three traditional American values was carefully considered and thoughtfully incorporated into our mission statement with purpose and meaning by the United We Pledge Board of Directors and Founder.

United We Pledge chose the principles of freedom, family, and faith with a confluent belief that these principles were central to the founding of the United States of America and to its continued success as an independent Republic. Their hope is to preserve these principles for future generations by establishing an educational platform and Liberty Village that contains accurate history and seeks to enhance unity, inspiration, and patriotism; instilling a love for our deeply rooted American heritage and values within our youth and citizens.

You can learn more about our organizations core beliefs here. 

United We Pledge Board of Directors

Lex Howard
Lex Howard, Founder & Chairman of the Board
Nancy Lyon
John Bowler
Tim Martin, Board Secretary
Dimon McFerson, Board Treasurer

United We Pledge Staff

Dennis Leavitt, President
Janel Hood, Events Manager
Shannon Bowler, Events Manager
Glenda Hill, CFO
Richard LeBaron, Creative Manager
Lisa Hunt, Marketing Manager