Donor Brick Inscription Guidelines

Brick Inscription Guidelines 

The following standards apply to inscribed bricks placed on American Village West Grounds. 

Individuals, businesses, schools, school groups (such as class units and classroom groups), or governmental entities may request an inscribed brick when making the required minimum donation of $199 to United We Pledge. The Inscription Advisory Group will review all brick inscription requests. To ensure observance with our strict standards, the Inscription Advisory Group reserves the right to deny any inscription that fails to conform to the stated standards.

 All inscriptions must fit within the established limit on the number of characters for each line: a maximum of three lines with a maximum of 15 characters on each line. Inscriptions may include: 

  • Legal name of an individual, or a portion of the individual’s legal name. 
  • Nickname of an individual only when the nickname is used consistently in professional life. Quotes may surround the nickname. 
  • Name prefixes and suffixes: academic, honorary, social, and professional titles including military title and rank for branches of the United States military. Style will comply with guidelines established by Emily Post’s Etiquette, 17th Edition
  • Name of the school or school unit, which may include an abbreviation of the name or portion of the name, and the name of the official school mascot. 
  • “In honor of” or “In memory of.” 
  • Year(s) of service or birth/death years. 
  • Punctuation marks and special characters, which will count toward the 15 character limit: comma, semi-colon, period, quotation marks, dash, hyphen, foreign diacritical marks (acute or grave accents, tilde, circumflex, and umlaut) and ampersand (&). 

Additional information:

  • Inscriptions that are NOT ALLOWED include: any editorial, subjective, or inflammatory statements. 
  • Donors will be notified if changes in the requested inscription are required to conform to inscription standards. 
  • Inscriptions will appear in all uppercase letters in a standard font style. 
  • Inscriptions will be centered on the brick. 
  • United We Pledge will determine the final placement of the bricks, making every attempt to place bricks together that are ordered together. 
  • The inscribed bricks become the property of United We Pledge. 
  • Donors may contact United We Pledge at [email protected] to discuss any questions or concerns about a possible inscription.