United We Pledge Fundraising

Why Nonprofits Like UWP Hold Events, Ask For Money, Need Volunteers and Also Sell Stuff United We Pledge Fundraising For United We Pledge, Liberty Week—the week preceding and including Independence […]

What’s The Deal With Menotomy?

maybe you, like me, sometimes consider a lonely quiet country road, passing between the hamlets and villages of Concord, Menotomy and Lexington; where the first skirmishes of the Revolution were fought

The Founders: Benjamin Franklin

A vector art of Benjamin Franklin with the colors of the flag of United States with his name written in white text.

Benjamin Franklin’s legacy in America is encapsulated on the $100 bill. He was a statesman, an author, a printer and inventor. He was a scientist, a thinker and really, perhaps America’s preeminent social influencer of the 18th century.