“Big Betsy” Presented by Balance of Nature

On July 3, 2021, United We Pledge introduced itself to St. George, Utah in a big way as volunteers carried the largest United States flag ever flown during the city’s 4th of July parade. The flag, affectionately named Big Betsy, weighs 500 pounds and measures 150 feet  long by 75 feet wide. The over 130 volunteers carried the flag eleven blocks through the city streets as the Star Spangled Banner played from an accompanying truck.                  

Many spectators stood as the flag passed by, some with tears in their eyes, many shouting, “Thank you!” and, “God Bless America!” Volunteers said some spectators made eye contact with them and verbally thanked them for being there, for bringing the flag, and for lifting the level of patriotism at the event.

Big Betsy was provided by non-profit organization Follow the Flag. Follow the Flag is a like-minded organization that promotes patriotism through the use of United States flag displays. You can read about their mission to Honor, Heal, and Inspire at their website https://followtheflag.org/. We are grateful to Follow the Flag for the use of Big Betsy and to founder Kyle Fox, who sits on the United We Pledge advisory board.

We are also grateful to Balance of Nature for sponsoring the parade entry, providing transportation for the flag, and using their box truck to accompany Big Besty and display the United We Pledge banner.

Many of our gracious volunteers also gave their time to unfurl Big Betsy the same evening at our inaugural event “A Patriotic Tribute to America” held Dixie State University’s Greater Zion Stadium that evening.

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