United We Pledge was organized in 2021 as a nonpartisan, non-denominational, nonprofit organization with a commitment to support and sustain freedom, family, and faith in the United States.

Our Mission: 

Provide best-in-class educational platforms, learning destinations, and patriotic celebrations focused on the history and core principles of our nation’s founding documents.

Our Vision: 

To be the premier source of inspiration and education for families and communities, in the history and core principles of America’s founding documents, that will empower and preserve their liberties.


United We Pledge supports and peacefully defends the principle of freedom and sustains the ideal that liberty was and is an integral part of the identity of this nation and its forming.

Freedom in the United States creates the ability for the people to exercise their God-given right of agency and choice to act for themselves independent from government institutions; granting themselves the right and power to dictate their own lives within the laws of the land while also demanding the responsibility to actively uphold and participate in our systems of government.


Families are essential to the prosperity of this nation and the happiness of its people. Strong and unified families are the backbone of our dynamic culture and fruitful economy.

Families have the responsibility of properly educating, instilling honorable and moral values, encouraging love, respect, and inclusion of others, and assisting their family members to be law-abiding citizens.

We invite all families, regardless of their composition and unique circumstances, to help unify our nation by teaching their children and family members about the founding principles of this country and encouraging them to work in harmony with others to do the same.


The ability to worship according to the dictates of one’s conscience is a fundamental right that is to be enjoyed by all persons. We invite all people to exercise their faith in the manner that they feel inclined and believe that everyone should respect the ability and opportunity of all others to do the same in a peaceful, respectful, and encouraging way.

United We Pledge seeks to acknowledge factual events from American history that identify the blessings, assistance, and divine providence of a Supreme Being in the establishment of this nation.

United We Pledge also sustains the Founder’s belief in the absence of a state-sponsored religion, and although we believe the nation’s principles are rooted in the belief in God and the inalienable rights given by Him, the government should not be tied to or ruled by any specific religious organization.

The Name

United We Pledge was a name that was given much consideration and chosen after seeking counsel from many different sources. Each component of the name has a rich meaning and is a culmination of our core purpose.

Our main hope is that “Unity” is embraced by all Americans, regardless of their many unique differences. Everyone has gifts and strengths that they can contribute. We all have weaknesses and can gain support from others.

The word “United” in our title lends itself to helping us remember that we belong to the United States of America and that we are a better nation if we can harness our efforts and pull together. We are not in competition with other organizations but hope to link all our voices and efforts together in positive, loving, and meaningful ways.

If like-minded organizations were seen as small streams, we hope to bring unity to these groups, so that we become a raging river with the ability to make significant and positive differences in the destiny of our nation.

“We” identifies that our effort is to be a combination of everyone. Our foundation is not just about us but is about a larger public. “We” means everyone, and we hope to bring all patriotic voices together in harmony and synergy.

The word “Pledge” is one of the most important parts of our name. We firmly believe that commitment is core to our mission. We have a duty and responsibility that needs to be acted upon, not just talked about. Pledging has to do with an inner commitment and a covenant promise to follow through.

We embrace the pledge of allegiance and invite all persons to give the strongest consideration to keeping individual promises, as well as making solemn pledges to maintain the obligations expressed by those who helped establish this nation and in the foundation documents that support our Republic – The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.

Why Choose United We Pledge

Any organization that is meaningful must provide solutions, support, and assistance for its members and the general community. So, one must first consider the needs, weaknesses, or challenges that exist in the community that actually need to be solved.

The core problems that we seek to address are (1) the fracture and discord that exists in the United States of America and that seems to be exacerbated by some who stir up and focus on those differences in a way that creates contention; (2) the lack of complete and accurate content regarding history and story of America and its’ people.

We believe that the complete story of this nation needs to include the inclusion of the role of divine providence in our history and a willingness to acknowledge our flaws as well as our victories. Accurate history – both the good and the bad – help us remember our past so that we can progress effectively and successfully as we navigate the future.

We do not ever want the rising generation to forget our history; (3) the lack of educational focus and emphasis on systematic politics and the inspired Republic that was instituted by our founding fathers as the United States of America was established. We advocate civics training, history education, and dialogue and discussion regarding the benefits of this nation and our responsibility to utilize our blessings in a way to serve, love, and assist our fellowmen around the world.

We believe that this education will be most impactful as it is centered on a home-based curriculum that allows families to engage in meaningful and results-based discussions on a regular basis in their homes and neighborhoods.

Our Education Program

Give Me Liberty is our 5 component educational program.

Our focus is on middle school-aged youth (ages 12-15).  We believe our curriculum will help unlock the potential of youth and inspire them to take responsibility for becoming stellar citizens of the United States of America and capable leaders to help maintain liberty in the 21st century. 

Our program consists of 5 educational components: 

  • Classroom Experiences: Step back in time with live reenactments right in the classroom! Our interactive activities immerse students in the rich history of civics and founding principles.
  • Liberty Bus Tours: Experience the American Dream on wheels! Our Liberty Bus, transformed into a modern mobile classroom, travels to schools, public events, and private locations, sharing inspiring stories of Americans from diverse backgrounds and emphasizing the values of liberty and teaching that anything is possible is America. 
  • Field Trips to Liberty Village: Dive deep into history at Liberty Village in Hurricane, Utah. Live actors portray key figures from the American Revolutionary War era, teaching the principles of liberty that have shaped our nation.
  • Awards Program: Empower students with knowledge! Our awards program, complete with workbooks and swag bags, helps 5th graders meet Utah state core standards in civic education. Students who complete the program get included in a special awards ceremony at the end of the school year.
  • Take Home Activities: Extend the learning beyond the classroom! Families can explore the Charters of Freedom documents together through fun and interactive online materials.