2022 Field of Heroes: Remembering Our 9/11 First Responders
St. George, Utah Field of Heroes – September 11, 2022

As part of the annual commemoration of 9/11, United We Pledge supported the City of St. George in remembering those who lost their lives on the tragic day of September 11th, 2001.

United We Pledge contributed a “Field of Heroes” display in the St. George Town Square which displayed 343 American flags that represented each of the fallen first responders that lost their life in the 9/11 terror attack.

Alongside United We Pledge, several businesses and individuals in the local Washington County community came together to sponsor flags, raising over $6000.00 to make the display possible.

United We Pledge thanks all those who contributed to this cause as well as to Colonial Flag for their heart-felt Filed of Heroes commemorations held across the United States.

Several members of the community came together to help United We Pledge install all 343 American flags. Attached to each flag were a name card and bio with a background summary of the first responder that lost their life in the service of rescuing others on 9/11.

Students from the Dixie High JR ROTC and members of the local Color Country DAR enthusiastically assisted United We Pledge in installing 343 American flags the Friday before the 9/11 commemoration.

They made a huge impact and were able to accomplish installing all 343 flags in just a few hours; a feat that would have taken the United We Pledge team more than a full day alone.

Students from the Dixie High JRROTC proudly paused to take a picture with the Field of Heroes in St. George, Utah the day of the 9/11 commemoration.

The Dixie High JR ROTC led the commemoration attendees to the St. George Utah Field of Heroes as they marched in step behind the bagpiper John Mayer.

Image credit Melissa Anderson CEC Television

Each American flag displayed the name of a first responder that lost their life in the 9/11 tragedy. Janel Hood, a United We Pledge staff member, dedicated over 20 hours to creating a name card and bio for each first responder so they could individually be commemorated.

Hundreds of community members toured the Field of Heroes and experienced the lives and accomplishments of each first responder through their unique name card.

One community member shared the experience she had with her 10-year-old autistic grandson who had toured the Field of Heroes just the day before with her. She shared, “my grandson told me, “these really are all heroes grandma, look at all of them!”

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